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Like many enterprises today, banks and other financial institutions demand an IT infrastructure that meets stringent internal and external service level requirements for performance and availability. In financial services, the applications driven by the infrastructure are often customer facing and generate revenue. But these organizations face unique challenges in efficiently delivering mission critical availability.

Enterprise financial services organizations are typically geographically and organizationally distributed, and are dealing with the entire spectrum of technologies from legacy mainframes to hybrid cloud computing deployments. With tremendous pressure to meet the highest service levels, most are struggling to succeed with disparate sets of monitoring tools they have accumulated.

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White Paper Overview

The IT industry is transforming. The days of reactive management of discrete servers are giving way to the need to manage dynamic, ever-changing modern technologies. In this white paper, we will discuss how a model-driven approach to monitoring can help ease this transition.

  • IT is about the delivery of services, but most IT Management Software has traditionally been focused just on managing infrastructure.
  • Customers of IT demand increased visibility into the performance of their services and IT needs to provide individualized, customer-specific, views of that performance.
  • Traditional IT management software has become too complex and too expensive. A simplified, cost-effective solution is needed.
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