Ceridian Success Story

Ceridian Success Story
Ceridian was challenged with quickly purchasing and deploying new hardware while simultaneously optimizing aging legacy hardware to maximize IT capacity for serving customer needs. A massive data center consolidation project exponentially increased the complexity of maintaining customer service levels. Ceridian’s ultimate concern during the transition was detecting potential and actual service disruptions before any customers were impacted.

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The IT industry is transforming. The days of reactive management of discrete servers are giving way to the need to manage dynamic, ever-changing modern technologies. In this white paper, we will discuss how a model-driven approach to monitoring can help ease this transition.

  • IT is about the delivery of services, but most IT Management Software has traditionally been focused just on managing infrastructure.
  • Customers of IT demand increased visibility into the performance of their services and IT needs to provide individualized, customer-specific, views of that performance.
  • Traditional IT management software has become too complex and too expensive. A simplified, cost-effective solution is needed.
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