Physical Infrastructure Monitoring

Why Choose Zenoss to Monitor Your Physical IT Infrastructure?

You need to effectively monitor your network, server, storage, power and more all in one place. Zenoss gives you truly unified monitoring with visibility into everything your services depend on, whether legacy or new.

Server Monitoring

Server monitoring in today's dynamic data centers means managing servers using a variety of different server management tools from a variety of different vendors — always a challenge. Zenoss offers ZenPacks that quickly and effectively monitor some of the most common server platforms. Visualizing the performance and availability of these compute resources is essential to delivering reliable service performance.


Physical Infrastructure Monitoring - Compute

Storage Monitoring

Zenoss allows you to easily monitor industry-leading storage platforms from vendors like EMC, Hitachi, NetApp and more. These ZenPacks help you quickly and effectively monitor storage resources and provide visibility into how disk arrays, filters and other components are performing.


Physical Infrastructure Monitoring - Storage

 We use Zenoss to monitor everything. What took months before now takes hours or days.  

-Allan Burnett, Director of IT Ops, VMware

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Network Monitoring

Monitoring all of the different networking technologies that support your IT infrastructure typically means juggling several different vendor-specific network tools — a time-consuming challenge. Zenoss has ZenPacks for many common networking manufacturers, including Cisco, Brocade, Citrix NetScaler, Nortel and Juniper. Zenoss can also monitor any other networking device that supports industry-standard simple network management protocol (SNMP) management information bases (MIBs).


Physical Infrastructure Monitoring - Network

Converged Infrastructure Monitoring

Zenoss is designed to help you monitor your complete converged infrastructure stack on platforms like Cisco UCS, NetApp FlexPod and VCE vBlock. Track dependencies across multiple components and understand the relationships between operating system workloads, virtual machines, virtualized hosts, data stores, LUN-based storage and the service profiles they support.


Zenoss Converged Infrastructure Monitoring Video

Unified Communications Monitoring

We offer mulitple options for unified communications (UC) monitoring. Basic monitoring is available for Zenoss through the Cisco UC Manager ZenPack, while thorough and deep monitoring capabilities are available for a range of UC technologies via our UC Insight With Log Analytics offering. The powerful correlation engine in our UC Insight With Log Analytics product can extract log file data on systems from Aruba, Avaya, Palo Alto Networks, Polycom and more. It then correlates data and can take actions on multiple points within a UC ecosystem, providing visibility and analysis on overall access, quality and performance.


Physical Infrastructure Monitoring - Unified Communications

Our Network Monitoring & Server Monitoring Capabilities

  • Unified monitoring and correlation of networking events in context with other device and component events in the IT infrastructure
  • Discovery of chassis, processors, fabric cards, ports, power supplies, fans and other key network infrastructure components
  • Dynamic, centralized network and IP address inventory for discovered devices
  • Integration and monitoring of SNMP traps with other IT infrastructure event streams
  • Automatic network topology map creation and updates, including automatic, dynamic updates of the network topology map as network administrators update or reconfigure the network based on changing business and application needs
  • Performance and availability monitoring for metrics like inbound/output traffic speeds and operational status as well as fast discovery and notification when network devices or interfaces go down
  • Suppression of symptomatic events during Layer 3 networking failures, which eliminates event "noise" and speeds issue isolation and root-cause identification
  • Discovery of blade enclosures and their management consoles as well as the enclose components and mapping of slots to blade servers
  • Monitoring of memory, throughput, disk utilization, power consumption and processor speeds
  • Performance charts, synthetic transactions and availability metrics
  • File system and process monitoring
  • Network interface and route monitoring
  • Central processing unit (CPU) utilization information
  • Hardware information, including memory, number of CPUs and model numbers
  • Operating system (OS) information
  • Software package information, e.g., installed software


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