How It Works

Zenoss Helps You See, Know & Act at Scale

Gain visibility into your entire hybrid IT infrastructure for complete service assurance.


Gain 360-degree visibility into your entire IT environment, including service and application dependencies.


Understand everything your services rely on as well as anything that could impact their performance.


Accelerate resolution of issues and prevent disruptions with actionable insights and automated workflows.


Scale seamlessly from small site instances to global, multi-site cloud and data center deployments.

Monitoring Solution Architecture

Designed for ultimate flexibility and scale in hybrid IT environments, the unique Zenoss architecture enables complete visibility into physical, virtual and cloud environments. Eliminate disparate monitoring tools with a unified end-to-end platform that ensures service reliability, accelerates technology adoption, and fuels your IT transformation.


Zenoss Monitoring Solution Architecture


How It Works


We Help you SEE, KNOW and ACT at SCALE

- Gain visibility into health of your entire hybrid IT infrastructure
- Understand at-risk services before the business is impacted
- Get actionable, timely insights to accelerate resolution

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“Zenoss Service Dynamics delivers everything we need in a single product helping us lower cost and effectively manage our hybrid infrastructure.”

— IT Infrastructure Manager

SEE Everything

- Increased IT visibility in a single dashboard
- Advanced discovery capabilities
- Interdependency modeling

"We use Zenoss to monitor everything. What took months before now takes hours or days.”

— Director, IT Operations


- Superior service correlation
- Accelerated root-cause identification
- Utilization info for capacity planning

“Infrastructures we work with are so dynamic. We couldn’t live without the Zenoss Service models to show us what is real.”

ACT Faster

- Intelligent event correlation
- Flexible triggers and notifications
- Incident management integration

“We solve problems now before customers are even aware.”

— Chief Operating Officer

SCALE Confidently

- Designed for manageability and availability
- Elastically scalable architecture
- Integration into IT workflows and processes

“Zenoss is the only management tool that we have ever succeeded with at scale.”

— VP, Network Operations

Individually Unique. Innovating Together.

Zenoss is built for modern IT infrastructures. Let's discuss how we can work together.

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